US National Arboretum Herb Garden

Washington, DC 

Located within the US National Arboretum, the National Herb Garden is the largest designed herb garden in the country that includes annual, perennial, and woody herbal plants. To improve function and restore the beauty of this exterior space, DCM enlarged the work yard, replaced the trellis and installed a privacy fence with motorized vehicle gate. Free-standing trellises were constructed by hand to separate the Historic and Species Rose Garden from the ten Theme Gardens. In addition to grading, paving and irrigation repairs, ten new benches and a linear trellis were also replaced within the Rose Garden. All lumber was of redwood species and all features (trellises, fence and benches) were custom built.


Client: US Department of Agriculture / US National Arboretum
Year(s): 2014 – 2015
Location: Washington, DC
Project Type: Renovation, Landscape
Role: General Contractor


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