Our Philosphy 

DCM believes in “The pursuit of happiness through the development of design, construction and maintenance solutions at any point of a building’s life-cycle that result in beautiful, efficient structures and systems.”


We define beauty as the balanced integration of man-made systems within their natural, economic and cultural context which results in an experience of joy.


For us, efficiency is the accomplishment of a goal by the minimization or elimination of waste. It is only achievable with the optimal use of natural, material, economic, technological and human resources. Not less; not more.

About Us

We are a NJ Based Architect

Founded in August 2006 by  Eduardo Guzman & Robert Benson; an engineer and an architect who understand that high-performance could only be achieved by applying fully integrated multidisciplinary design, construction and maintenance expertise to every project.


Together, they took a chance on this concept. After leaving their previous design firms, they moved to Camden, New Jersey, renting a space in the Rutgers University Business School’s Small Business Incubator to pursue their dream company. The world as DCM knew it though, collapsed in 2008 in the midst of the financial crisis. By early 2009, our staff had been reduced to zero and the partners had virtually lost their life savings. Eduardo and Robert decided to close the company and file for bankruptcy but were persuaded by their accountant to keep trying; they committed to giving everything they had to keep the company afloat. At about the same time they obtained their first contract with the Federal Government, a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The work received rave reviews and the business concept proved to be an effective one.


Since that first federal project, DCM has transformed into a global, award-winning design firm providing services for the federal government, hospitality, mixed-use, not-for-profit, commercial and transportation markets with projects across the continental United States and in over 14 countries.

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